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You Can Be Just A Christian

By September 22, 2015
Book Cover: You Can Be Just A Christian
Part of the Plummet series:
Pages: 22

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Publisher: Plummet Publishing

If I should come to your door with a new car, you would likely ask, “What kind?” Suppose I said, “No kind, just a car!” You would not believe me, since there are no cars today which are not “kinds” of cars.

Our thinking is the same way about churches. If I say that I am a Christian, you immediately ask, “What kind?” You cannot imagine a Christian who is not some “kind” of Christian. You cannot conceive of “the Church” except as some “kind of church.”

We have all grown up in a world full of churches. We did not start them, we did not cause them, we did not want them. We simply inherited them. Exactly as we think of cars, we think there are not churches except “kinds of churches.”


But the original car, the very first one, was not any “kind” of car. It was just a car – “the” car. People then did not think of “kinds” of cars – there were no kinds. There was just “the original and only car.”

Since that original car many kinds of cars have been built. Our world today is full of “kinds” of cars. In fact, we cannot even think of a car, without thinking of a “kind”. But the first car was not any “kind”.

You can just be a Christian – exactly like the original Christians – not any “kind” – just Christian. You can be in the Church – the original Church – not any “kind” of church – just the Church.

Would you continue this little booklet and be convinced that “you can be just a Christian?”