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Dying To Self

By September 22, 2015
Book Cover: Dying To Self
Part of the Plummet series:
Pages: 5

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Publisher: Plummet Publishing

Today, words like self-defense, self-made, self-sufficiency, self-effort, self-dependence, self- actualization, to mention just a few, are gaining grounds and becoming commonly accepted in everyday language.
But God is demanding that those who call on Him depart from iniquity. He that is not born of God cannot die to the self.

Remember that death speaks of separation; Adam and Eve died (were separated from God) the moment they ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). In the same way, man in his natural state (i.e. before he is born again) is dead to the things of God. That is the reason he cannot please God.
He is still dead in his trespasses and captive of the sin-nature (John 1:29); this sin nature has a law and a lifestyle that goes with it.


This is what God begins to deal with after our spirit (inner-man) has been made alive by the last Adam [Jesus Christ] who was made a life giving Spirit. You can liken this to saving a drowning man from the river or sea, and after the rescue operation, you begin to press water out of his body so that he can recover and be restored to full life.